Obsidian Publishing Options #

Ok, so I’m starting to look more deeply into setting up Obsidian pages as web pages and I’m feeling like there are a handful of limitations.

In terms of these notes being published, I want the following:

Unfortunately, a lot of these features are not available. Here is a quick list of problems:

Ok, the basic thing I want is some kind of diary/blog. This is probably the best way of keeping in touch with people, the best way of getting people interested in how my life is going, and the easiest way for me to consolidate things.

there are a few barriers here.

Ok, I’m happy with the options that I’ve come up with here.

To boil this down, I think there are two things that I’ll like.

First is to simply publish my Obsidian notes to the web on a regular basis. That can be my new website. The new feature list that I want for this is:

This will be separate from my updates process, which will consist of: