TTRPG NPC Design #

Ok, so I want to come up with NPCs to put in my TTRPGs. One caveat is that I want to be able to put these characters into all sorts of story situations. At the end of the day, the thing that makes a character interesting is the story that they’re a part of. However, there’s other details that make characters interesting for other reasons in other ways as well.

One way to make a character interesting is personality, attitude or demeanor. I think personalities that are too simple are usually annoying. Complex personalities are when their personality has multiple facets. for example, if someone is nice, but they’re only nice to people they think they’re better than. Maybe someone is cold, but that’s because they’re afraid of saying something that will upset others.

Ok, this personality depth is naturally approaching the story context, so maybe this depth shouldn’t be included. it should simply have surface level interaction styles and the story should inform why the interactions are happening.

The other thing that affects character creation is probably ability. This is fairly simple to set up - it can just be a few abilities (or maybe just one) randomized and properly set up at a proper power level against the rest of the characters.