Everyday Depth Transformations #

I’m thinking about ways to turn everyday, ordinary things into things that with a little more depth, things that are little more interesting or beautiful, things that you can bond over.

Photography #

This is, to some degree, inspired by some conversations I had with a photographer friend of mine, so I think that’s a great place to start. Photography is a way to make this happen. You can take a picture of a scene or a friend and just by fiddling with some details of photography, you can make something look magical, or beautiful, or otherworldly. What are some of these tricks?

I think one of the easiest ways of being compelling is by adding depth of field. this is a little annoying because getting portrait mode to work on my phone is annoying (slow, requires a specific distance from target, etc), but I think that option is probably best for right now.

Thinking about this is getting me thinking about getting a new phone. If i’m still leaning towards it in a few weeks, I think i’ll do it.

Conversation #

The more natural way to try and achieve this high level goal, for me, is probably conversation and questioning. I think you can engage with the world around you in a number of fairly straightforward ways involving curiosity and questioning.

The simplest thing you can do is start asking yourself and other people questions. There’s a little bit of a downside here where some people might find your questions stressful or tiring to think about or consider, but I think that speaks more to compatibility with other people than anything else.

For me, I have a few questions that naturally come up for me.

I think that there’s a few ways to spin this into ways to interact with others. One way is towards a thoughtful conversation with others. Another way is humor, where the intended effect and the unexpected effect contrast one another. I actually think this is a very common form of humor that I’m super into.

another common form of thought process i’m into is re-contextualizing things. There’s a few things i’m extremely fond of re-contextualizing.

One category is philosophical concepts. When a philosophical idea is re-contextualized into something dumb like a poop joke or forgetting to do the laundry, i think that is just peak fun.

i guess in general it doesn’t even need to be philosophical in the traditional sense. Applying high level theorizing around stuff of a different context is just always fun.