Self Awareness #

Fundamentally, i think self awareness is all about the realization that people can be different from you and that your perspective exists as a unique one among millions. as a result, self-awareness is all about how people talk in a way that reflects that perspective. common mistakes in conversation reflecting some lack of self awareness include:

let’s break this down to some levels or tiers. there’s two axis’ that interest me: knowledge and incorporation. I kind of like these axis’ as a way to measure all mental skills, but we’ll see.

knowledge refers to specific bits of information. Three bits of knowledge that we can talk about here are:

incorporation refers to the extent to which knowledge is incorporated into a person’s habits or behavior. it’s entirely possible for someone to know something and have that knowledge exist completely independently of their behavior. some types of incorporation include:

imple english self awareness test - ask someone to write or tell a story involving multiple people and see many ambiguous pronouns they leave.