Syz Salon #

I’m re-naming this to Syz Salon. After all, I think the type of conversational event like I’m thinking is very much in line with the old tradition of french salons. Certainly, what I’m doing is much more in line with the old tradition of french salons than the prescriptivist events I’ve seen around San Francisco.

Alright, I’m thinking about doing a new event format that’s just “Conversations about X thing”.

I’ve wanted to do conversation based events before, but i really focused on making them serious and earnest, whereas, instead, I should have just made them be about hanging out and having a good time.

Anyways, here are the pros:

Ok, what are the logistics?

I think, for now, we should have it just be one off events. I don’t think any day of the week or any pattern is going to be particularly reliable so far. In general, I like the idea of having a few per month led by different people. Ones that are similar topics can be spaced out per month, like music related session or art related sessions.

Topics should follow some simple criteria. They should be narrow enough that people are likely to get really excited about it, but wide enough that a decent number of people will be interested and can talk about it for a while. “Art” isn’t a great topic because there’s already so many events that are just generically about art. Van Gough might be a good one, because so many people know about him, but he might also be too popular to be special. Peter Morbacher might also be great

I think it’d be nice to have a format where almost anyone that’s excited about any topic would be able to run one whenever they’re free. Maybe a quick instructional guide that outlines some simple steps.

It would be nice to have some simple design elements. Honestly, given that this is so sparse and so straightforward, those design elements can just be a dumb template.

Finally, what’s a short list of Syz talks that you’d personally be interested in hosting?