Visual Art Motivation #

I want to push myself to make more visual art, but I’m finding it difficult to motivate myself to do it.

A huge part of it is that the activation energy necessary is higher for visual art than it is for many other things. It’s kind of a bizarre ironic side effect of decreasing the activation required for so many other things.

However, I think if I think of the proper or appropriate long term thing, that could excite me enough.

In general, I think that there’s two significant ways to push and achieving both of those things would be ideal.

The first way is by finding a workflow that appeals to me strongly. To some degree, I do think I already have this.

The second way is by finding something longer term that I can be interested. Either that, or something that motivates me to practice this skill more often.

In general, I think i’m pretty satisfied by midjourney for creating static visuals. It honestly fulfills all my need for decorative graphics. Unfortunately, this doesn’t really build any skills or anything like that.

I have a few ideas for higher level video games that would be compelling

Something else that I enjoy is jotting ideas down. If I have an easy flow from one part of the process to the next, then that results in a state of flow.

I have a few interests that align nicely for this. I like making generative art. I like making tools. I like being able to make quick progress.

Something else that might work well is getting into gemometry nodes and learning how to do a lot of the tricks that you’ve seen in geometry node videos.

I’m not that excited about sculpting rocks, but I am excited about making the one perfect rock generator, or the one perfect vegetation generator. What are some generators I would be excited by?

Another thought is that with writing and music, I can just open up ableton to try an idea out (which I do a decent amount of the time). However, with visual art, I’ve constructed this perspective where i need to have a specific goal in mind for a finished piece. if i made the process of creating visual art more iterative and more exploratory, that might also be a fun direction to go.