Steam Ratings is a site that I made to discover new and unknown games that are strongly beloved within their community. It started out with an annoyance that Steam doesn’t publicize their rating system for games and, as a result, it was difficult to find out about games that weren’t popular, but were very highly rated.

This website sorts games by the ratio between good reviews to bad reviews. Through this metric, you can determine what percentage of players enjoyed the game. This does not indicate how good the game is - a game designed to appeal very strongly to a small set of people would not do particularly well by this rating. Regardless, it’s been very helpful for finding new games.

There are also a few categories that disproportionately have high scores. In particular, I’ve noticed that story based games, visual novels, and anime games have a particularly high score. I suspect that this is because these games are not well known outside of their devoted fanbase. I’ve also added filter tags to filter these games out.