This is an interactive experience I made in 2017. The video starts off with a quick demo then switches to me explaining how it works.

There’s an hour long electronic music mix, playing in the background. When no one is pressing any buttons on the midi controller, this mix plays uninterrupted. At the same time, some visuals are also set to play.

When someone presses one of the buttons of the midi controller, this enables an audio track that’s been set up with some looping audio. This looping audio is synchronized ahead of time with the background music mix. As a result, people can press a button whenever they want and add a music element seemlessly to the music that’s currently playing.

Pressing a button also enables a video overlay on the visuals. This, hopefully, provides a visual cue for when various loops are added or active. This also allows participants to add visuals in a fun and dynamic way. The visuals are mostly sourced off the internet.

This was an installation I’ve set up at various parties around the Bay Area as well as at arts events at Syzygy. I usually just tell people to press buttons at random and try and figure it out, and that usually works well enough.

I have a newer version of this that I’m working on which involves generative music and custom visuals.