thinking about redoing the layout at syz, but it's kind of strange to think about. i have a strong desire to set up gallery 2 in a way that it's actually used. HOWEVER, maybe that's not actually beneficial to us? 

the current proposal is setting up gallery 2 in a way that it gets more foot traffic and in a way that people want to hang out in it more. this has the benefit of having more usable space as well as having a space that's permanently set up for particular activities. 

however, there's a few downsides to this as well. doing this would free up more usable space, but we are already in a situation where there's more than enough space for most things we want to do. people naturally end up spreading out in a way that makes a lot of parties feel empty.

we could probably solve this by sectioning areas off and herding to a significant degree. furthermore, having extra space might be better for transitioning to and from different parts of the night.

how to be less flakey

omni instrument

syz identity

how to make decisions

i want to consider 2 use cases - events and general usage. i think events are pretty well understood. We might end up pulling people away from the main attraction during 

there's a pattern that's come up a number of times which is - people tell me they wanna do something for syz that they're excited about. i say that sounds great. they do it. i say thanks for doing all this stuff. they feel like they deserve something more from me or from the group because they did all this good stuff, but they're not willing to say it out loud or talk about it. Eventually this feeling eats away from them until they don't want to be a member anymore. 

you can't do stuff for other people without asking them if they wanted it and then be upset that they didn't do anything for you in return. this is true of organizations and it's true of relationships

i think i should be trying to get more socialization? at least more of certain types of socialization. relationship terms

healthy communities. are there places/people that you can regularly reach out to in order to get the types of interactions you're excited about?

winter break projects list

weight liftin comparison

you know you're going to die. why not figure out how you f

let's consider art as an investment property. when seen this way, the actual art becomes irrelevant and the value of the art is controlled almost entirely by the clout of the artist. This is true in our society today - literally any piece of art created by a well known celebrity is going to cost many times more than a piece of art created by the average person no matter how breathtaking it is.

given this, how do you create art that costs lots of money? you make it a clear positive investment. you demonstrate a reliable path to a return on investment. you demonstrate how each of your pieces have slowly risen in price. you focus on clout, on being well known and on being visible in the general world.

nothing a person does that isn't changing a system or creating a system matters.

people can create and change systems within themselves

malice and incompetence are basically the same

i'm done with all numbers greater than 100

doing nothing is doing something

aren't you tired of the way the world is? don't you want something new?

it's natural to want to become more powerful to take care of the people you care about. but becoming more powerful makes it easier to uphold the systems that make people miserable.

sometimes, when i play a video game, i'm pulled out of the act of fighting monsters or whatever the main gameplay loop is and i think about the inevitable predictable end to the game of saving the world from an evil enemy or whatever and i completely lose all interest. Often, in life i have the same thought. What am i going to do with more mnoey when i don't even have time to do all the things I'm excited about now? What am i going to do with more clout that i can't do now? Where is this life going and how do i push it in a direction that's more interesting?

there are many things that someone has to do, but only a few people have to do and it's unfair to expect or ask anyone to do.

how long will you just do the same thing

you can help other people without hurting yourself

there's a feeling that i can't just talk about how i feel. if i just say it without processing it, no one understands it

imagined conversations

a lamp to draw the best of people. i can honestly say that the best people i have found in the bay area i have found through syz

personal 1-on-1s

have you ever felt like you were born into the wrong world, like you're just biding your time until you wake up and you're where you were meant to be

what are the names of god

event game

thinking about what you want is scary, thinking about what you want from other people is scary. thinking about what you can provide to other people to get what you want is scary.

how to stand out

entropic creation

letting other people know what you want from them openly makes it easy for them to provide things for you. starting off with that lets people offer you stuff without needing to be super vulnerable

rubber duck therapy

what do i want?

there is no greater joy than to make the people you care about happy


invisible door game using mazes as a metaphor with conversation sections?

the value of simulated conflict. having fake conflicts when interacting with people can provide signs around what they see as ok and not ok. humor can remove tension around ambiguous situations.

this is fine, but it's not me

how much of you are your daily thoughts? fill your head with the things you want to be. 

a task that you keep putting off for weeks that's going to take like 5 min

it's important to let other people know that people like you exist

clicker game to explain systems and feedback loops

question/answer theory of good story telling. question/answer format of good game design? you tend to play a game with this question of "what can i do"

it's hard for me to understand the perspective of people who haven't optimized for their own happiness, or can't see what they want beyond what they want in the moment.

we can do better

smart is a bad descriptor. better is curious, or oppurtunist

thinking about how subjectivity permeates any personal attribute. if someone says something that you agree with, what makes you decide whether it's obvious or validating? what decides whether a joke is funny or mean-spirited? what makes you see an action as selfish vs self-preserving?

is the world enough for you?

happiness is forumulaic and predictable.

at a certain age, maybe once you graduate college and get a job, you start seeing yourself as a solidified person. one of the things i think is important is to always see yourself as someone with the seeds to be a completely different person

every setting in your brain has a knob

maybe it's valuable for syz to be right next to some core group

everything is justifiable

everything that's real can be validated in multiple ways

language is naturally fuzzy and language becomes fuzzier as people have an emotional stake in it

enhanced baseline cognitive load as a result of cognitive disassociation

here's a phenomenon that i think i'm noticing - introversion is often caused by a lot of energy being put into acting correctly in social situations, while extroversion is often a result of not putting much energy into ensuring that one's behavior is correct. part of this is being judgemental. trying to be less judgemental induces introversion

invisible door

persistence of vision display

there's an unspoken part to interactions which is that reactions to things are automatically coded yes or no, regardless of the content. what makes you be like "come on" versus "oh it's not that bad" when someone says something that's not great. what makes you excited to agree with someone vs think that what they're saying is boring and trite?

blaming society is lazy

natural curiosity

community engineering

constantly vibrating with the intensity of my desires

the harder you fight death, the more terrifying it becomes

Drunk is a good time to type out thoughts. Not ideal on a phone but whatever.

Some sense that you share a similar context to others is special

artist/creator mixer?

event kickstarter?

secret party

basic rules


loss aversion

social inertia - when people are already hanging out, it's easy to want to keep hanging out with those people

there are better ways to try

creative templating language

reference frames for decisions

social questions

meta rank

how to have good conversation and enjoy it more

art show applications

personal variance

syzygy needs an alex

syzygy members gotta learn how to create space

syz invite list

we should host more events??? maybe working memberships should incorporate hosting events.

let's experiment with how little we need in order to do an art show.

virtual friend

wall plotter

the states and moods that make people defensive.

it's important to make a strong effort to connect yourself to other people. your projects give you a lot of comfort because it's something you're good at that you get clear signaling out of, but you need to leave the safety of those things

death of the ego as cyclical suicide

can you remove all the things designed to protect your ego and still be a functioning human?

people have a strong idea of what is their community and have a VERY hard time reaching out of their community

levels of community

the compression of society into a single entity is a nervous disease. it poisons people's minds with thoughts of "but what would others think"

assumptions necessary for automating thought flows

immediate feedback is important for interest and art


all things have an infinite number of good attributes and an infinite number of bad attributes

not all attributes contribute to positive and negative feedback loops

conflict between "it's cool that you did everything yourself" and "ughh doing anything takes so much work"

easy example: screenprinting is cool to do yourself, BUT it's a huge hassle to do which prevents you from doing it. outsourcing tshirt creation and actually getting a result from it is better than screenprinting eventually

mathematical modeling tendancies

ideas of winning and victory are a nervous disease

fake words

vibe check value

live narrator project

plain language

meta is what people think about something that have 0 bias. when you ask a friend about a concept, there's bias there - that friend wants to make you feel good. even when you ask someone personally about an idea or concept, there's a bias - they don't want to make the conversation awkward

finding people with similar mental operating systems, maybe highly improbable

feelings of difference or sameness are manufacturable. all combinations of things have an infinite number of similarities and differences. we arbitrarily instincitively choose which things are important 

a difference in perspective that i've noticed between the way that i think and the way that other people think is in seeing things as primarily individualistic or primarily systematic. This perspective doesn't connect to just people, but also events or actions.

art challenge where someone who can't draw tries to draw something and other artists finish it

axioms of life:

naturally, people like making other people happy and people dislike making other people sad. only hurt causes people to hurt others

why aren't people curious about what could make them happier

i just want

happiness comes from people similar to you. goodness comes from people different than you

syz lessons


self awareness test

joke formats

peer groups

mixing and mastering doubleblind test

the burden of justification in conversation

real talk


syz list


internet club

??? is really important to knowing yourself!

thinking about some new forms of levels

the first level is having a piece of knowledge

the second level is knowing what other people think of that piece of knowledge and guiding your reaction to the knowledge based on that

the third level is knowing that thee are many different and nuanced perspectives on that knowledge, so many that you can't just go with what is popularly believed, and you need to figure it out for yourself

the fourth level is understanding that even a piece of information that you figure out for yourself is probably wrong and that you'll probably encounter a piece of information that causes you to re-evaluate

i am the beast i worship


new gambling

no space between decision and action

people should be comfortable enough that they're willing to say things that are stupid

thinking about putting our expectations on other people. the default of modern day is definitely to let everyone be or do whatever they want and just slowly phase them out of your life if that doesn't line up, but isn't it better to expect more of people? to spend time with people and then let them know what you want from them?

sf art galleries

invite only social network



advanced specialization or generalized mediocrity


connection between dissonance and negative feedback loops

hunter mentality

relationship between age, stability, decreased risk taking, decay

conflict between constant progress and selflove

when you depend on something strongly, it becomes harder to criticize. i see a lot of people who strongly believe in the power of technology get more and more upset by technology being bad, but a lot of people don't realize that there are systems outside of technology designed to fix technology's problems.

consent and cowards

higher order communication as a signal for the closeness of a community

short guide on how to engage with me

casual conversation

single dependancies

power distance

high quality interactions are difficult without getting to know someone for a while

learning to let go of truth and correctness is conversation

his terrible swift sword

the difference between being laughed at and been laughed with is whether people care if you're laughing.

in everyone you know, strive to find something that they are better than you at

consider a giant living among ants. The slightest movement of the giant can destroy the homes of a thousand ants. as such, every ant is aware of even the smallest action of a giant, yet there is no reason for a giant to know anything about even a million ants.

consider how ignorant a giant must be compared to an ant. The ant knows of many worlds besides its own, but the giant, having no predators or anything that can hurt it, has no pressure to be aware of anything.

is it better to be a giant or an ant? both, or either, when it suits you. don't be fooled into thinking that anyone is one or the other. everyone is both at all times.

deep dive into different burning man principles

life deck game

puzzle conversation game

photography scavenger hunts/bingo

the line between subjective and objective and how it can vary between people

questions that get people to be closer to one another

How to make people deeply curious about other people's perspectives

email leads vs FRIENDSHIP

things that have only one reason to happen don't happen


cumulative experiences

best simple burn thing