how to measure a persons' ability to imagine the perspective of someone completely different from you

what is a person's level of bias towards or against you? in what ways are people biased towards or against you? how does this effect the chances of positive interaction.

is it possible to create some kind of bias test? the basic bias test is something like - "say something personal about yourself and see what the response is"

Racism vs racism

diversity vs similarity

brain to mouth distance

fixed mindset vs growth mindset

When people have more of a fixed mindset, they are more likely to rely on stereotypes to define another person. (not sure i believe this

to encoouorage growth mindset - focus on this idea that hard work, knowing the correct strategies are what lead to success.

when people have a fixed mindset, they interpret their abilities as fixed.

are you more concerned with how you act or how people see you?

understanding your internal reasons can help avoid bias in decisions

bias training

dust and its connection to humanity or intentionality

inner light or inner resolution

attraction is maybe just a symbolic hold for traits and attributes you connect to on some level.

social media marketing

not having to explain your perspective to people before talking about what you want to talk

event optimization

tests for various agnosias

what does a healthy human look like?

- has long term desires

- is able to act upon those desires

- is able to incorporate new information that does not match current worldview

- is able to make long term behavioral changes

bug: handle apostrophes

st annes hill community lessons

welcoming neurodiversity


you don't see what i'm proud of

are you willing to change your systems? do you recognize that your behaviors are probably upholding the current system?

imagine being so far apart from someone that, when someone tells you that something is good or smart or impressive, you believe that it is so much the opposite of that, that you assume they're mocking you.

i want to have some regular event that is super consistent and an incredibly high level of fun. something that almost everyone will actively want to come back to unless they suck.

depth test: how many layers into a conversation are people willing to have?

friendship metrics

casual roleplay

headspace manipulation

when one ignores things, disaster is inevitable

how much do hobbies cost in different cities

stereotype avoidance

pusog fundraiser notes

outside vs inside in terms of relating to other people.

connection between rule-following and insecurity.

music is a lens

- ???

how to make dj streams more interesting.

the positive and negative feedback loops of mental health.

burden of motive. burden of socialization.

normalization as a function of tiredness? normalization as default.

no tourists festival

timbre variation on note.

a leader among children or a child among gods

love to see my friends just get so POWERFUL

you should strive to be good enough that people will still love you and be there for you while they are fully aware of your flaws.

the danger of personality. the danger of leaving the herd. the probability of shame when you are alone.

There's a limit to how close a relationship can be:

- how easily people can communicate their needs to others and how easily people can respond to those needs

- a person's willingness to act in a way that benefits the other person in the relationship.

Have you done the work of self alignment? If not, how can i trust you? If not, how can you trust yourself?

Do you provide sympathy or empathy? Are you looking for sympathy or empathy?

An entangling of theory and emotion

process from fatalism to giving up to things getting worse to "it's always been this way"

everything is

childish enough to believe that people will believe the things that they say

soda pain vs no pain

i don't want people in my life that make me feel good. i want people that push me to embody my values.

i will never understand people who find things less interesting as they find out more about it.

mental pain is physical pain

challenge what is default

seek serotonin, not dopamine.

the people that would be great for you might already be in your life.

there is information that you are refusing to integrate.

beyond grief is resolve

when you have an unfulfilled want or need, things aren't seen as what they could be but instead as what they're not.

people focus more on expanding their network than on utilizing them

educational series where characters go to a school focused on that thing and get involved in tournaments and shit.

some people haven't found anything new to like since they were 19

second order effects

getting people to do things in sf is harder

gourmet breakdown

enjoyment -> acceptance -> improvement

more than most other things, there is a strong desire to build

personal well being status check.

what can you do for me that i can't do for myself?

solider's dilemma

non word sounds for communication are really fantastic

are you doing marketing or creating value? are you just making something look better or are you actually making it better

formal tension release? after having an awkward conversation, we should do something fun and lighthearted to chill out.

complex products are doomed to failure

i've always wondered why pasta is so expensive. i wonder if i can create a few pasta recipes and sell them for a relatively cheap price.

when everyone does as little as possible to contribute to society, everyone has to do a lot more.

divergent thinking

convergent thinking is narrowing down implementation details until you get one that works

predictive awareness

preference towards learning avoidance vs learning preference. if a piece of knowledge would hurt you, would you still learn it?

creativity as a function of divergent thought.

your brain can think better than you can process emotion

information withholding as self-protection

algorithm that plays notes with a certain relationship to notes i play on the guitar

have you ever thought something that you've never heard someone else say

what is put in your brain by the world vs what comes from yourself?

i think it comes down to internal vs external benefit. when you do something for someone, do you do it so that they'll treat you better, so that they'll give you something in return, or are you doing it in and of itself?

how much of your initiative are started by you vs by other people

thinking about people is good

understanding and insight over fandom

when talking normally, people can react in a pause. online, that's a lot more difficult


how do you deal with contradictory judgement calls? how well do you talk about differences of opinion?

big difference between "i am hanging out with you because you are someone that is around vs i am actively excited to hang out with you."

validation with disagreement

inherent conflict between capitalistic, transactional perspective and a key detail of the human experience - that providing value to other people provides us with value.

enjoying things is cringe

if you haven't seen this before, you haven't been paying attention

the default effect of your actions is that they primarily affect you, but this isn't true. worse yet, we've separated people in a desire to decouple people from one another unnaturally.

research questions

people who trust their feelings and believe their feelings vs people that don't

meal suggester

the phenomenon of people talking past one another

so much of culture comes from inaccessibility. specialized context does a lot to make things impactful.


better ways to build online communities

as someone who has been suicidal in the past, i can tell you that things that give me a reason to live are a lot more valuable than things that enable me to continue living

the individualization of capitalism

american society has a perspective that the quality of what you make or do is most important. there's a significant 

you can only compromise with good faith actors. a bad faith actor is a pawn at best.

commodification of humans

you don't need evidence if people are going to agree with what you're going to say anyways. i personally feel like it's really important to gather evidence 

infinite loops that people get stuck in.

What's something that you used to think everyone else agreed with you, but then you found out that actually very few people believed that thing?

tired of compliancy

internally entertained or externally entertained? does someone or something external to you need to provide you with content or can you create that content yourself? are you a consumer or a creator?

theory crafting

let's get polling app, task management app

for the future automation, crm, marketing (mailchimp), knowledge accumulation

infinite vs non-infinite entities

the main appeal of a bar is paying money so that no one has to do any work in hosting.

fundamentally, do you want to be around people with similar taste?

house party vibe vs public event vibe: is the appeal the person or people involved or is the appeal the activity that's going on?

when you get too close to people and see them everyday, you don't have an opportunity to see how they're doing long term

a person's shadow or echo

how to stand out

entropic creation

enhanced baseline cognitive load as a result of cognitive disassociation

relativity reference frames for decisions

how to have good conversation and enjoy it more

personal variance

syz invite list

let's experiment with how little we need in order to do an art show

people have a strong idea of what is their community and have a VERY hard time reaching out of their community

assumptions necessary for automating thought flows

immediate feedback is important for interest and art

connection between dissonance and negative feedback loops

hunter mentality