has inherently social aspects, whereas visual art does not

communities not people

fuck people who think it's better to complain to an authority than communicate to the individual who's frustrating you

people talk about community as if it's something that people need, but
think this narrative is bad - community is GOOD and powerful. 

as plants grow in the sun, relationships grow in the lazy hours

i'm taking a while to respond to you cause
want to find a chunk of time to hav

corporate event vs casual fun party with friends

pointing out people's problems doesn't make people want to solve them, it makes people want to avoid thinking about them

higher order
as a signal for the
of a community

i'm decent at
, but that
comes at a cost of making sure that I'm properly responding to the conversation and making sure that i'm being involved "correctly" and having to do that is exhausting

mob psycho is a really good anime that callouts a lot of the negative influence of fetishizing intellectualism in nerd culture

here's a new definition of
social capital
- the sum of the quality of all your relationships.
believe pretty strongly that the quality of relationships increase something like logarithmically. going back to the
tiers of closeness

short guide on how to engage with me

casual conversation

single dependancies

nostalgia is a key selling point for fascism

easy for life to


what's the deal with the valley of friendship?

inviting people to events sucks

for happiness. increase

value people's negative opinions

community resources

instagram events

people who are good at things tend to want to hear negative feedback more often. people who are not good at things tend to want to hear positive feedback.

what makes people change?

high quality interactions are difficult without getting to know someone for a while

social capital

interactive art ideas


is the condition in which society provides little moral guidance to individuals.

learning to let go of truth and correctness is conversation

is limited. not just in a short sense but in a long term sense. when you let
the internet
social media
eat up your
, you have less
to give to the things you care about.

consider this possibility -
is a limited resource. there are things you can do to induce more
and there are things that cost
. when you fill all your downtime browsing reddit or twitter or instagram, you are using up
that would otherwise be stored for later use.

stability is imperfect suicide - the world will inevitably swallow you up.

impossibilities are inevitable

his terrible swift sword

we are all just swimming in the great
of creation.

at parties,
think would be nice to have some way of communicating things that's less aggressive, but still stating your preference. for example, say you have people over and you're getting just the slightest bit tired and you would like people to start thinking about what they're going to do next. wouldn't it be nice to be able to say that without worrying about your words being misinterpreted? 

well, context provides a way for people to understand what you mean. looking at your phone, starting to clean up, and going off and doing something on your own are all ways to communicate this vague sentiment. However, it requires that people be capable of picking up on these context clues.

the difference between being laughed at and been laughed with is whether people care if you're laughing.

lots of people see
as a choice and not as a skill. people don't realize that there are bad ways to be kind and good ways. its easy to think you're being kind and actually making people feel worse. it's something you need to practice, see your own limitations at and iterate on. 

things are not as important as the relationships between them

you're not as smart as you think you are - you've just created a heuristic for intelligence that prioritizes the things you're good at.

if you think something is simple, you don't have a full understanding yet

weekly update


in everyone you know, strive to find something that they are better than you at



fundamentals of

the true name of god is

consider a giant living among ants. The slightest movement of the giant can destroy the homes of a thousand ants. as such, every ant is aware of even the smallest action of a giant, yet there is no reason for a giant to know anything about even a million ants.

consider how ignorant a giant must be compared to an ant. The ant knows of many worlds besides it's own, but the giant, having no predators or anything that can hurt it, has no pressure to be aware of anything.

is it better to be a giant or an ant? both, or either, when it suits you. don't be fooled into thinking that anyone is one or the other. everyone is both at all times.

in the end, you will kill yourself. 

Love of
is the true exercise of the God called


there is no truth. only useful lies. every lie is a tool.

inclusiveness is not telling people that they're allowed to join whenever they want.

the three faces of violence are mathematics, art, and

write a deep dive into different burning man principles

consider the violence of

living is an exercise in violence

perfection is cyclical suicide

want without needing

hate-fuck life

if you should meet god on the road, kill him

crack open god's bones and suck out the marrow

reach heaven by violence

low self-esteem requires the confidence of believing you have a correct perspective on yourself, your limits, your character.

make no compromises for the things you want, the things that you think might make you happy

middle gap is 106 inches

stuff to get for apartment

stuff to get from syz

stuff to get from adeline

life deck game

puzzle conversation game



high/low context cultures

scavenger hunts/bingo

the line between subjective and objective and how it can vary between people

places to go

hate when people think that something is super unique and get really excited about showing it off like it's really unique, but it's actually super popular and it just seems unique based on their small circle of friends.

that get people to be closer to one another

How to make people deeply curious about other people's perspectives

email leads vs FRIENDSHIP

music discovery

types of people

Donation box

Saturday meetings/work with house meeting-esque personal catch up


Pet room

bulk food materials

third place

things that have only one reason to happen don't happen

personal game


social links

kuleshov effect

restaurant rotation

the more
get to know you, the more interesting you should be. 

time investment curve

emotional support sayings

bay area attractions

interview question

led jacket



modern manners

november magazine


dimensions of conversation

social knitting


music transitions


social club

music discovery

surface area

a glass can only spill what it contains

mental cron jobs

planned remixes

bunny burn

cumulative experiences

self care

best simple burn thing



arcade cabinets


live setup

music fighting game

word game

life tracker

post queue

music generation